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Your Privacy is important!

At car we are quite passionate about privacy, in fact we believe that there is far too little of it on the Internet. We intend to continue the way that we have done so during the last 20 years, and do everything we can to protect and preserve it.


There are two major acts that cover the use of your privacy, and these are the UK Data Protection Act and the Eu's GDPR. We comply with both of these acts and probably go further than they require us to.

What information we gather about you

There are two types of information that can be gathered. The first is the type of information that can either identify you, or the device that you are using to access the Internet; and the the second is generic information which cannot lead to such identification.

Whilst there are certain websites that routinely gather the first type of information, we only have access to the second type. This is routinely made available to us in what are called 'weblogs'; and these are snippets of information which are useful to Webmasters, such as the number of people who have visited our website, how long they have spent on each page, what type of browser and operating system they use, and what IP address they have come from.

The only personally identifying information that we could have about you would be information that you have voluntarily provided us with, by getting in touch with us. If you do this then it will almost certainly be because you have a query, or need help with something. In this event we will store a copy of your communication electronically, on a secured system.

How we will use our information about you

We will only use any contact information that you provide us with to answer your queries and provide you with any assistance that we can. We will not use it to send you any unsolicited material of any kind.

Transferral of your information

Routinely, we will not transfer any information to any other person or business at all. The only exceptions to this rule will be under the following circumstances:

Any information that we transfer will only be transferred to a responsible body that will deal with it within existing privacy legislation.

Storage of your information

We do not particular wish to store any information about anyone. If, therefore, you wish us to delete any personally identifying information about you that we have on our systems, we will be happy to do so.

Contacting you

We will only contact you if we honestly believe that doing so is in your very best interests. We have no intention whatsoever of sending out any spam – which is something we detest.

Accessing your information

You are legally entitled to ask any business which holds information about you to disclose that information to you. In return, that business is entitled to charge you a reasonable fee.

You are also legally entitled to insist that any incorrect information is put right within a reasonable time.

We will make no charge for any first request for information but reserve the right to do so for any subsequent requests. If we are to enter into any discussion about information about yourself, we will be obliged to ask for evidence from you that you are authorised to request this information.

Links from our website

Our website may carry hyperlinks, on one or more pages, to other websites. These websites will be ones that either provide information, or sell products/services that you may be interested in. These websites belong to other people and so we have no control over them. Whilst we make reasonable efforts to make sure that they are run by ethical companies that comply with all relevant privacy regulations you should check their individual privacy policies to make sure that you find them satisfactory.

Alterations to this policy

Circumstances change and further privacy legislation cannot be ruled out. We may therefore have to alter this privacy policy from time to time. You should check to ensure that this policy still suits your requirements in the future, by re – reading it on future visits.