Car Insurance For One

What we are

We are website developers with a particular interest in short term car insurance (well we all have our problems, don't we). We have tried to create an interesting and attractive site packed with information which will hopefully be useful to people who are interested in the possibility of insuring cars or light vans on a temporary basis. Whether or not we have succeeded will be for others to judge.

As part of our project we have included links to at least one website that can provide quotations for short term car insurance. The company or companies involved are a completely separate entity to us and apart from receiving a small commission on each sale, for which we are eternally grateful, we have no other connection with them whatsoever.

What we are not

We are not insurers, insurance brokers, insurance advisors or indeed anything at all with 'insurance' in the title. We are not qualified to offer any advice whatsoever on any aspect of insurance and we have neither wish nor intention to do so. The company or companies we link to are, however, authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority so any queries you may have about insurance matters should be addressed to them.

Why should you deal with us?

Why should you only buy insurance from authorised companies?

All insurance companies operating within the United Kingdom should, by law, be carefully vetted, and then supervised, by the Financial Conduct Authority. The purpose of this is to encourage competition whilst keeping an eye on the integrity and solvency of the regulated companies. In the unlikely event of an authorised insurer going bust customers could apply to the Financial Services Compensation Scheme for compensation if they were unable to get this elsewhere.